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Welcome to the new home of the Chatter! We'll be bringing you the latest word on eBay...




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Laura started at eBay back in May of 1998.  She was one of eBay's early Trust & Safety investigators for 2 years before joining the newly-formed Community Development team in 2000.  When out on the boards as a “pink,” Laura is known as “Daphne”.

Today she manages the Community Communications team, which brings you eBay news via the General Announcement Board, Workshops, and The Chatter Blog.

When not working, Laura hangs out with her husband and two boys who are 7 and 9.  As a part-time passion, she also teaches pregnant couples self-hypnosis techniques as a HypnoBirthing® instructor.    (“You are getting very sleepy…..”)


Bev started with eBay way back in June of 1998. After kicking around in Customer Support, Billing, and other areas of eBay, she transferred to Community Development in 2000. She's spent the last six plus years in “pink” posting under the alias of “Deirdre.”

She loves traveling, landscaping, taking in an occasional baseball game and working with people. In her spare time you will find her rescuing animals or talking eBay (it's a great way to meet people). She also shares a birthday with Annie Oakley, Alfred Hitchcock and Fidel Castro.


Susan started at eBay in 2001, and joined eBay's strategic partnerships group. From 2005-2007 she worked on the eBay shipping team, marketing the eBay and PayPal shipping tools. You may have seen her posting under the alias Suzanna.

Her favorite selling experience was selling with eBay Giving Works to a buyer stationed in Afghanistan. She is a big sports fan, and has shopped for many tickets and jerseys on eBay over the years. In addition to following NFL football, she enjoys hiking, reading (she might be seriously addicted to!), traveling and scouring eBay for rare Charlotte Clark Disney collectibles. 


Jeff has been with eBay since 2001, and joined Community Development 2 years later. He started his eBay adventure with Billpoint, and we all know how that turned out (although he swears it wasn't his fault).

You might have seen him jumping around eBay's Community Forums over the years posting under his alias of Zigmund, which was “borrowed” from his favorite hockey player.

He's a huge sports fan, and likes to collect just about any autographed memorabilia. In fact, he first wanted to work for eBay because he spent so much on the site in the early years that he figured, “hey, I better go work for them to get some of my money back!”


Ninad has worked at eBay since September 2002, and continues to be fascinated by how the eBay idea excites and empowers thousands of people around the world in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

His eBay blogging interests include Trust and Safety, eBay’s Government Relations initiatives, Seller Tools, and any story that highlights our Community’s passion for all things eBay.

At one point Ninad was a voracious reader, and although he still collects books, the books collect dust. He enjoys watching classic cinema (The Third Man, a British movie from 1949, is his favorite film) and has traveled far and wide in search of the perfect omelette.

Guest Contributors

Jim "Griff" Griffith

Jim Griffith, aka “Griff,” has been an enthusiastic eBay buyer and selling since Monday, May 20th, 1996, at 10:18 am PST when he bid on his first eBay item, a PS/2 memory chip for his old IBM computer.  It was love at first website, and from that moment on, he began forging a relationship with both the world's most prominent online trading community and its community members – seasoned and novices – who visit it.

During the summer of 1996, he was spending nearly 90 hours a week fielding eBay customer questions on the first eBay chat board. A few months later eBay's founders approached him with an invitation to join eBay as their first Customer Support representative.

Currently serving as Dean of eBay Education, roving ambassador, eBay spokesperson, the host of eBay Radio and as the author of The Official eBay Bible, Griff's spends nearly all his waking hours teaching others how to use eBay effectively, safely and profitably.

Colin Rule

Colin Rule is eBay and PayPal's Director of Online Dispute Resolution. Colin authored the book Online Dispute Resolution for Business in 2002, and he continues to contribute to, the website of the Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution at UMass-Amherst.

He holds a Master's degree from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in conflict resolution and technology, a B.A. in Peace Studies from Haverford College, and he is currently a Fellow at Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society.

Delyn Simons

Delyn started with eBay in August of 2004 in the eBay Developers Program, where she gets to work every day with innovative developers building applications using eBay Web Services APIs. Did you know that almost half of all listings are listed through eBay Web Services? Or that the eBay buying experience has been extended to television, mobile phones and other wireless devices?

If you have read the eBay Developer blog or Developer Newsletter, looked up answers in our Developer Forums or downloaded code samples from our Community Codebase, you've probably seen her around.

Delyn lives in San Francisco with her husband, 20-month old daughter and beloved pooch, Stella. She competed in the NCAA Final Eight in Women's Field Hockey...and lost. Then competed in the Collegiate Ultimate Frisbee National Championships...and won! You can usually find her reading, blogging, practicing Bikram yoga or coming to terms with her TiVo addiction.

Julie Drossos

Julie started at eBay in October of 2004 working at the Vancouver Customer Support center focusing on Internal (employee) Communications. The highlight of Julie's professional career has by far been working at eBay Live! in San Jose (2005), Las Vegas (2006), and Boston (2007).

An avid buyer and seller on the site, Julie loves finding great deals on golf clubs and gadgets for her golf-obsessed husband, and purses and shoes for her accessory-obsessed self. She is a die-hard Vancouver Canucks hockey fan and is proud to be the lone Canadian on the Chatter blog team. Julie's favourite color is pink – so much that she even attempted to steal the huge pink fuzzy IT from eBay Live! 2006, envisioning it proudly displayed in her living room. 



Blair started with the company in June of 2006 and was immediately impressed by how passionate people are about eBay. She has worked as a product manager on the Buyer Conversion team, focusing on My eBay.

When not working, Blair tries to stay as active as possible with running, sailing, skiing, hiking and more. She is also an avid Duke Blue Devils fan, so watch out during March Madness.



Renee has been at eBay for what seems like forever, and has been involved in almost every part of the business, from My eBay to eBay Stores to ProStores. She's now working in product development, and is involved in a lot of upcoming projects designed to make eBay even more fun – and fill you with windorphins!

One thing Renee is NOT is a morning person, although she does get up early enough to act as an amateur historian with a special interest in Abraham Lincoln. That can lead to long debates with presidential-expert Brian over important topics such as the Emancipation Proclamation and whether his beard was stylish.


John McDonald

John McDonald manages Trust and Safety for eBay in the United States. He started working for eBay in 2002 as a category manager, managing at different times the Home & Garden, Toys, Collectibles and Real Estate categories. In his current role, John applies Marketplace policy, technology and education to help ensure buyers have the best possible experience every time they shop on eBay. Prior to joining eBay, John had extensive marketing experience at several other Internet companies, as well as at Procter & Gamble, Monsanto and the Monitor Company.

When he isn't obsessing over the eBay Marketplace, John spends as much time as possible with his wife, Lara, and two kids, Brennan and Kelsey. He also enjoys rooting for the Cal Bears, skiing, surfing and making an occasional attempt at golfing.







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