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A Winning Hand

Posted by Ryan on June 15, 2006 at 02:49 PM in eBay Live! 2006 , General | Permalink

Ryan_post_7Lacruz928_it_2 Now that we are down to the final few hours of the show, members are scrambling to round out their collections of goodies.  All around you can see people eyeing each others badge lanyards, hoping to find that one or two that they are missing. 

Darkgreen Meanwhile, others are hitting up the eBay booths to complete their sets of "it" trading cards.  I ran into lacruz928 as she was making her way to the Government Relations booth to get the last of her cards.  I found out that this is not only her first eBay Live!, but that while getting an autograph from Meg Whitman she discovered that she lives only a few minutes away from the high school Meg attended in Long Island.

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